Friday, November 28, 2008

More impressive than my so called dinner

Freestyled some peanut tofu stir fry for dinner. My boyfriend, Darrin, doesn't think I have the skills needed to improv a meal but I beg to differ! As long as you start out with marinated tofu you can't really go wrong... Recently (as in the past six months) I crossed over to the other side. The greener side. I became a vegetarian. (Yes that was lame but it sounded sort of epic didn't it) A mixture of environmental, health, and animal rights reasons caused the change of heart. Still learning how to make proper veggie meals. After my hearty, peanut-y meal I was cruising around the Guardian and came across some veggie related art I thought I'd share! If it boiled down to an Iron Chef-style competition both parties would kick my ass with presentation and creativity. Although I would like to think that my peanut sauce would prevail in flavour.

The first set of images is from Chinese artist, Ju Duoqi. She recreates famous paintings with vegetables and periodically with tofu.
Click here to see her in action.

The second batch is a group called The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra. Their homemade instruments are a perfect example of functional art.
My blog has been crazy and doesn't want me to post their video so to get the full effect of the Orchestra click here!

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