Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faking Infidelity

Film Illustrations

Comparing Cars to Fine Art

Bathroom Refuse Masterpieces

Corrugated Workspaces

I came across for the first time yesterday. At first I was put off by the name and didn't want to visit a site that would tell me what was 'hip' but being an etsy recommended site, my interest was piqued. Since my initial plunge I haven't been able to tear myself away. They describe themselves as,
"a source of inspiration for industry professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs and the insatiably curious".

Their art+design section is one of the best contemporary art resources I have ever come across. I have a feeling I will never leave the glow of my computer screen due to this site. Really. I may forget to eat. Well, probably not.
Click on the links below the images to check out articles that blew my mind...

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