Thursday, May 21, 2009


My old drawing prof, Derek Brueckner, used to tell me "everyone wishes their art was more like someone else's". I can relate to that in that I really wish I could paint how I feel more often. As a form of therapy. I may give it a shot tonight because the past few days have been stressing. Stressful to the point I think my blood may start to boil.. Partial exaggeration.. For now I am going to express my feelings through the works of Chris Birch whose work reminds me of Francisco de Goya's.

I found Chris Birch's work in Juxtapoz. He explains that, "the viewers search for cohesive sequential narrative within their own thoughts, since my work is not sequential, interpretations, are made. I am aware that we are always bringing our own perspective and experiences into whatever it is we do. It is inevitable that the viewers will attempt to create a “narrative” which contains their own distorting private motifs."
..... I am creating a narrative with my private motifs as we speak... (or read/write/what have you)

And just for interest's sake - here's Fransisco de Goya's Saturn Devouring on of his children. Chris Birch's creature devouring another definitely seems like an apporpriation of de Goya's work.

Enough ranting - I'm gunna curl up in my apartment and paint my feelings (slight sarcasm.. only slight)

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  1. oi! i can FEEL what you feel now! that is some major frustration. but everything is working out, right? so now you should find some art that shows a "fuck you, i win!" feeling!