Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

My apologies for being dead to the blogging world for the past month but in the flesh my life has been anything but idle. Just to make things difficult my new roommate, Jarika, and I found a steal of an apartment to move into just as school was wrapping up. So needless to say April was hectic (but well worth it). Along with the final open house for Fine Arts, I participated in a fundraiser May 1st called The Children of the World Art Auction which raised money for orphans and widows suffering from the aftermath of the Rawandan Genocide. I managed to forget my camera for the event but I will be posting pictures taken by the very talented Lindsay Bonk shortly.
Decorating and collecting art (functional - or not) has been one of my favorite past-times since the move. Luckily Jarika and I have similar taste. I thought I'd share some of the art and design we have chosen to surround ourselves with every day.

One of many etsy finds. Laura Berger's prints make me happy.

This piece isn't new. My dad gave it to me for my birthday one year. Jordan Van Sewell is one of my favorite artists and favorite ceramic artist.

A shot from the kitchen

This piece is actually by Jarika's aunt, Lana Winfield who is a local artist. She was kind enough to hook us up with one of her encaustic mixed-media paintings.

This is Frankie baby. My cat. Yes I am a crazy cat lady. He's spoiled. I bought him this amazing custom bed made with retro fabrics by likekittysville's etsy store. He didn't sleep in it at first which really pissed me off but lately I've caught him cat napping and was so pumped I had to take pictures.

I bought these Turi mugs for a steal of a price at my new favourite store today. My best buddy Kaja has come home for the summer from Calgary and with her impeccable taste managed to spot Lune Vintage during our day date today. It's apparently been open since December and I feel like a tool for not knowing of its existence! I was automatically attracted to these babies and the woman explained to me that they're a very well known Norwegian Design. We attempted to search it on her computer but his designs were only popping up on ebay. I am now proud to say I own six Turi Design mugs.

Yet another Lune Vintage find was this retro olive green lamp! Jarika and I had been looking for some rad lamps and this one won hands down.

My fridge is a constantly changing and growing collection of personal photographs, craft and art. Blank fridges are boring. And yes, that is a Twilight poster. And yes those are Flight of the Conchords magnets of Bret and Jermaine.

Yet another Lune Vintage purchase, this Sara Guindon paper puppet is the newest addition to the fridge. Sara is a Canadian illustrator who makes fun paper dolls that you can animate! I want more but I've started with "Kitty and Jean" because it reminds me of me and Frankie.

And Finally these vintage and Kijiji finds must be shown off. I will credit Jarika with having a job that allows her to cruise Kijiji all day and find mirrors and bookcases for a fraction of the price. I am also very proud of the ship's wheel wine rack and olive green vase we found at Village Antiques on osborne.

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