Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Osborne Village - still the place to be

A friend of mine found this and posted it on facebook - I had to blog it! Living right by the village I can verify that everything she says is fact. They should really revive this commercial..


  1. Ok, this is weird....
    I am "her" from the video taken 20 years back. I accidentally ran across it by fluke last night on Youtube and now have seen your blog site. Too weird.
    The video was shot at that tea room that used to be upstairs by Fude. I was 24 and you've gotta love the BIG hair.

  2. That's my mom!!! haha

  3. woah! thats crazy! how did you come across my blog? are you both still in winnipeg??

  4. My 18, 16 and 15 year old daughters think it's totally crazy too. Yup, still in the 'Peg and still frequent visitors of the Village.

    Maybe I should be like the "OFF" bug spray guy and remake the commercial 20 years older :)

    Ran across it totally by accident and wonder how it even got on YouTube. I did another commercial in the '80's for McDonalds and it's there too. Check out Light and Crispy McDonalds from the '80's. I really liked the polka dot sundress!!


    haha thats amazing! you should definitely make a comeback! thanks for stopping by the blog too :)