Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's days like this that I don't know how I could be doing anything but making art

Had an amazing day painting even though I missed Dan Savage speaking in University Center to be in painting class. But it was worth it - this is shocking since I am a huge Dan Savage fan but I had an amazing day painting and it just doesn't get better than days like this in art school... (Also, I knew Darrin was watching Dan in UC so he could let me know what I missed...)

This is Nadine working on her first attempt at abstraction. I'd say it's going quite well! She's using a hollowed out pen to blow the paint around - we were joking that she better not inhale... Oh art school students with their crafty and dangerous ways...

And this is me creeping on Ryan's family portrait from behind my canvas. I don't even think I have to explain his talent...

Overall I was just happy as a clam today - I think I'm nearing completion on my latest piece. My next project is a collaboration with Nadine - we're both going to paint for a day on eachother's canvases and then switch and finish the paintings. So excited!

Also! I will be unveiling a new feature for the Giggs website in the next few days - a monthly artist feature where I interview and delve into the work of different artists - first up - Dayna Danger! Stay tuned!

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