Monday, January 11, 2010


I've never posted a recipe before but there's a first for everything... It was one of my new years resolutions to learn how to pickle since having my friend Pascale convince me that pickling is easy and going to a friends apartment over the holidays and being very impressed with his homemade pickled veggies! So many things to DIY - so little time...
So Darrin and I hunkered down after an awesome meal at his parents of lentil and walnut burgers and yam frittata to make a mess of his mom's kitchen, boil some brine and shove carrots and roasted peppers into mason jars...
We got the recipes off of Smitten Kitchen and after tasting the veggies before they had even had a while to sit in the brine, we were very impressed with ourselves! We've discovered that the recipes for carrots and red peppers were basically the same and we plan on free-styling the recipes from now on - possibly adding in lemon zest and jalapenos to pickled beans, cauliflower and brussels sprouts!
And just a sidenote if you plan on using these recipes to pickle - each recipe will make approx. 3 500 ml mason jars, we doubled the brine ingredients for the carrots so we'd have enough to fit in the jars, and we used the Safeway brand pickling spices instead of the dill seed.

Signing off on the first ever cooking segment! And as my brother would say mockingly... we're "Living on the edge!"

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