Saturday, May 15, 2010

Firsts! + the work of Megan Driedger

We'll start with the bad and finish with the good...

Had my first bike crash of my adult life today! I say 'adult life' because I have a horrible memory and probably bailed as a kid but can't remember. All was okay just flew off my bike while trying to stupidly hop a curb and cheese grated my knees...

And the good! I made my first art trade! Megan Driedger and I are trading her 'Above and Below' painting which I can't stop staring at for my birch trees painting! I'm quickly running out of wall space in my apartment but I will find a spot! I can't wait to look at this beauty everyday :)

Above and Below

Birch Trees

And I was able to deliver on the photos of Megan's work currently featured at Edna Fedya restaurant but failed to produce photos from the Coming Out Thesis show last night! There were too many distractions and I completely spaced out - my bad! But enjoy this sneakpeek of Meg's work! And photos never do work justice (especially my photos) so if you're in Winnipeg and have a chance head down to Edna's (run by Stella's Cafe and Bakery) at 1 Research Rd in Smart Park at the U of M and enjoy some breaky and art!

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