Monday, May 24, 2010

For rainy afternoons...

Went to Cinemateque with Darrin the other night to see 'I Killed My Mother'. It's shocking I've actually never been to see a movie there before but I always find myself reading up on the movies that are playing and circling the ones I want to go to. Anyways, the movie was so amazing and the venue is so fun we're going to make it a regular thing! If you're in Winnipeg I think its playing for another week and if you're not in Winnipeg I'd recommend seeing if it's playing at a theatre near you!

Some other movies that have been recommended to me and I plan on checking out are...

And my recent online obsession - I say online obsession because Jarika and I don't have cable so we watch tv shows online which can be annoying because you get cut off after 72 minutes and then are told to wait 54 minutes... It's probably a good thing so I don't watch full seasons in one sitting. Anyways United States of Tara - I highly recommend it!

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  1. i used to go there lots when i first moved here- i'll go with you! & thanks for the comment: ) i m probably Coupland's secret protoge