Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Can't rain on this parade

So many exciting things coming up! First, this weekend I have a student council retreat in Hecla Bay

I'm so excited to hang with the council, do 'cottagey' things, prep for our upcoming

Pickle Party

and nerd out about art :) The following weekend I'm heading out to my friend Lauren's cabin for a Wedding Party weekend - Lauren asked me to be one of her bridesmaids so the whole wedding party will be getting know each other and beginning to plan for the big day. THEN at the end of September I'm going with Darrin and his family to New York for a week and in October to Chicago for the Fine Arts third Year field trip! I know - life is hard... I'm just excited for everything right now that nothing could rain on my parade

I've never been to New York before so I'm incredibly excited! We're staying in Soho and I'm planning mass amounts of gallery visits - the MOMA has free admission the night we get there so that is a must see

and of course the Guggenheim...

and my friend Leslie has a friend who was in Visual Arts with her at Brown and now has a studio in Chelsea so hopefully Darrin and I can meet up with her for coffee and to check out her studio! I found this great blog called artcat on New York that breaks down all the districts, the galleries in them and the upcoming and current shows so I will for sure be scouring that the week before our trip! I've already found a show in Chelsea that will still be running by the time I get there - the work is pretty haunting and intriguing...

Daniel Pitin

Flying Box

Jane and Pauline

Alexander Tinei

Basically, I hope to soak up as much art as possible, stockpile it in my brain and apply it to my thesis. Darrin's sister, Nicole, is also a vegan (longer than we have been) and knows a few places in New York we're going to check out - one being Blossom - this is their tofu salad...

More trip research to come but if you've been to NYC or LIVE there and have suggestions on places to go/things to do let me know!

And as promised, here are a few photos from Darrin and I's canoe trip in Caddy Lake!

Darrin making dinner

Bear bells attached to my shoes

Mystical fire!

Mystical Fire in action

Beaver fever coffee

Kurt Vonnegut in the tent

And maxin and relaxin

I've gotta run to work now to make the money to go to NYC so signing off for now!


  1. that all sounds super exciting! i'm so glad i stumbled upon your blog as i am just entering the u of m school of art in the fall as my first year. :-)

  2. Hey Julia! Thats awesome! If you haven't already be sure to add 'SOFA SA' on facebook and you will be kept up to date with everything! I think I'll be a part of the first year orientation and/or selling t-shirts and tickets to our pickle party in the fitz(gerald bldg) so if youre around you should introduce yourself!

  3. you betcha i will. i'm super excited/scared! i don't know what to expect. so coming across your blog was uber exciting! and i just added it, thanks for letting me know!

  4. giller. i'll email you thom's list of nyc must-visit places. i'm so jealous!!

  5. Pascale! I would love this! I leave in less than two weeks!!