Monday, January 31, 2011

Four For the Day Starts Today

Today is my first day as guest author/curator of artist, Arden Hill's, blog Four for the Day. Here's the low down on Four For the Day:
'four for the day

a daily collection of 4 things
In our lives we have things. Various things. Things we need. Things we don’t. Things we obsess over. Things we collect. Things we use. Things we eat. Things that are us. Things that used to be us. Things we want to be us.
Sometimes we order these things in collections based on colour, material, use, temporal significance, value, importance, and design. Sometimes we order them to be discovered by guests, to be forgotten, to be given away, and sometimes without order.
four for the day is a thematic daily collection of 4 things. The theme is determined by various possible attributes, i.e, quality of lead (day 1), material (day 8), creator (12)…
four for the day highlights those unique collections we have that fill our spaces and brings them into the light to be appreciated by others.'
My first post is an hommage to four of my favourite ceramic dishware lost in last week's 'crash'. Check it out here.

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