Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh happy day

Today's going to be a great day! Here's a list of things that are great about today...

- I just got an email that my submission was accepted for a show (more details on that later)

- I'm making kicking horse coffee with chocolate soy milk in my new one cup french press

- My bestie Kaja was featured in a the blog 'Fashion Recycled' - Kaja is a stylish lady and a dancer in Calgary

- My other bestie Leslie and thesis friends Megan and Rachel will be setting up in Gallery Ingenue next week for their show FLESH - it's going to be so great! Their work is going to go beautifully together and  for those of you who want to beautify your home or need a unique Valentines day gift, their work will be available for sale and work can be taken home the same day it is bought!

- I'm heading to yoga in a few hours

- I'll be working on my breast milk sculpture all day and hopefully starting on the water fountain part of it (photos to be posted later)

- We have our first student council meeting of the year - yes I'm a nerd and excited for this...

- Lauren's dad has made a 9x12ft stretcher for me and we're going to be assembling it at the studio today (can't wait - this will be my biggest canvas yet)

- and my friend Lana is coming to pick up my Sheep in a Street + Worms painting

 from my apartment tonight so she can babysit it for me - I'm happy to have it going to a good home because I know Lana appreciates the finer things :) 

And here's a fun video I found yesterday...

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

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