Friday, March 11, 2011

The Big Girl

Fueling up on coffee for another big day at the studio then to the Canadiana Opening at Gallery Ingenue tonight! I had quite a productive day in the studio yesterday and was having fun playing with paint rollers and colour. This is a photo I snapped of the big guy - I'm actually going to start calling it the 'big girl' since it is such a feminine painting - at the end of the day yesterday. I'll be sure to take another photo at the end of the day today to track the progress. 

*Click photo to enlarge

Currently untitled, acrylic and oil on canvas, 9x12ft

And here's a new video by my friends Alexa Dirks and Ariel Posen from The New Lightweights for their show this Saturday at the Grant and Wilton Coffee house in Winnipeg! Alexa's other band Chic Gamine has been nominated for another Juno in the Best Roots and Traditional category this year so you can catch them on the Juno's in a few weeks time!

If you're in Winnipeg head down to Gallery Ingenue tonight from 7-10pm for some great food and art!

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