Friday, March 18, 2011

Having cake and eating it

The past week has been jam packed (whats new) and great! Last weekend was my 24th birthday which was so much fun! Saturday night I got together with friends and went to the Lo Pub which is a local hostel/bar/restaurant that serves all vegetarian and vegan food. It was a great night and it gave me a chance to wear my new headpiece I traded local designer, Melanie Wesley, for.

Then on Sunday I went to my parents house for a family dinner where my mom made tempeh and veggie pot pies from my new cookbook The Vegan Table. Then she veganized her red velvet cake for dessert and even my brother (the epitomy of vegan skeptic) said it was even better than the usual (dairy) red velvet cake. Needless to say I was very happy because if it hadn't gone over it probably would've meant no more red velvet cake for gill...

They were so good that for the abstract painting class I teach I made them into cupcakes for our last class/potluck this week. 

These aren't mine but they sure are pretty

It was sad to have the class end as it was such a great learning experience for both me and the students but I am excited for the next session starting in a few weeks! I will be teaching the same abstract painting class as well as a children's class this spring. 

And more on red velvet goodies, a local art magazine I contribute to, Chesterfield, had a recent call for submissions so I used photoshop for the first time and combined the image of my bullfight painting with an art based spin on my red velvet cupcake recipe. You'll be able to pick up a copy of the upcoming issue April 4th at the University and scattered around local coffee shops and galleries!

click to enlarge
In other news, Ben Miller, the arts editor for the University of Manitoba's newspaper, The Manitoban, wrote a nice article about Gallery Ingenue based on an interview I did with him a few weeks back. Check it out here!

With one month left before the end of thesis, everything seems to be coming to a head. I've been surprised at the progress I've managed to make on 'the big girl' - here is where I'm at as of today...

I've also got four big shows coming up in the next few months - here is the info on the first of the four...

Fine Arts Open House - April 10th 1-5pm at the University of Manitoba in the art barn 
This the annual show where every student from Fine Arts shows atleast one of their pieces. The show is free and open to the public!

Hope you all have a nice weekend and if you're looking for something awesome and art-related to do check out any of the following shows/openings - I will be!



MAWA Over the Top annual Fundraiser (there will be cupcakes here too!) 2-5pm

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