Thursday, November 20, 2008

... lived in by pigs

So this is my blog. My intent is to share my thoughts and ideas mainly about art but also about life. Art reflects life so I guess that would make sense. Specifically I will be posting work of other artists I admire, my inspirations, and things I am working on. My goal is to develop a blog that inspires people to create because it is human nature to create. I want to develop a dialogue with my readers where we can share ideas and support each other. That said, I'm not much of a writer so expect lots of images...
Oh and I should probably explain my blog name. Gillian Giggs. This originates from Jillian Jiggs, the children's book I'm positive only girls with the name Jillian (or in my case Gillian - pronounced like a 'J') are familiar with. I have cleverly replaced the J's with G's. I feel the quote "Jillian Jillian Jillian Jiggs it looks like your room has been lived in by pigs" is an accurate generalization of my life. Fuck it. Mess stimulates your brain. How would you discover the colours and textures mould makes unless you left your coffee cup lying around for a week? I'm gross I know. Again. The blog name is perfect.
Gillian Giggs is also the name of my online store: I'm hoping everyone has heard of etsy and if you haven't you need to go RIGHT NOW. It's only the most amazing online community... ever.. All handmade or very very vintage. Anyone can set up shop and interact with crafters from all over the world. The creators have developed an amazing support system to help nurture artists of all kinds. It's a beautiful thing. 
Anyways, since the summer I've been making jewelry that I sell on etsy and in the village at Local Shop Awesome. Some of my pieces are being modeled by my friend, Jarika, above. I am also a Fine Arts student at the University of Manitoba. It is uncertain what year I am in (possibly 2nd/3rd?) but I do know that I am a painting major. I'm interested in every medium but the one that always seems to stick is painting. 
Enough with the introductions. I thought I wasn't going to write this much. 


  1. kudos fellow King.

    we should get together and get crafty. Oh baby.

  2. ha im guessing this is lisa KING? if so game on!