Friday, November 21, 2008

Think about your 'canvas'

Drinking coffee, fending off my cat, and flipping through an 'old' New American Paintings this morning and saw Suzannah Sinclair's work again. I've seen it before and found it striking the first time but looking at it this morning I came to a realization about why I am currently painting on cardboard. Suzannah's paintings are mainly watercolour on birch panel. She uses the flesh tones of the birch to come through as her subjects' skin. Very inventive. This is much more delicate than my acrylic on cardboard but I felt a connection to it because why do we always have to stick to canvas? We don't. This is a pretty obvious conclusion but sometimes it takes a while before you figure out why you're creating something the way you are. I'll post some finished cardboard works soon but for now enjoy Suzannah's work!

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