Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Along with school and painting I've also been busying myself knitting... I finished a scarf for my boyfriend last week! It turned out a little short (I ran out of yarn) but he loves it anyways and says it will fit under his jacket better this way :) I'll have pictures up as soon as this crazy summer in fall weather subsides and we're breaking out the fall duds. So now its time to knit something for myself! I'm finding knitting with larger yarn is really helping speed up the process... Sneaky I know. I'm working on a scarf/cowl - I'm thinking a thick/short scarf with a massive button holding it together. For now here's my progress and some images I 'hearted' on that will inspire me to keep knitting... So I too can knit myself a body suit to hide in..


  1. the last picture makes me think of that story, "the lorax."
    it looks like a thneed!

  2. haha weird I had never heard of that dr suess book - i had to google it! definitely thneed-like