Sunday, October 4, 2009

All alone in the Art Barn

Snuck into the art barn this morning to work on a painting I'm having a frustrating time with. I'm happy with half of it but the other half wasn't working so on a whim I painted over (erased) half of my canvas last night. Also the other day I made a 'rookie mistake' of putting canola oil in with my paint thinner and oil paint - I'm new with oils - we don't have to talk about this. It's not actually a rookie mistake - I haven't heard of anyone else ever doing this - I was just being an idiot. Anyways shockingly the canola oil parts are almost dry now... I wasn't sure they would ever dry. So I came in this morning with high hopes that maybe the wet paint on the half of the canvas would be dry and I could get going on it but it wasn't so I just smeared some more paint around. Then decided to build a new canvas - stretching by yourself sucks but I'm pretty sure I was the only one in the barn so I was making due. And then I ran out of staples... Anyways this morning was a bit of a waste of time but it's the thought that counts and I did get to creep around the art barn by myself and I took these pictures with photobooth...

The half of the painting I think is working...

I'm not going to show you the other half :)


Kitchen/Lounge that no one uses as a kitchen

My mess


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