Friday, October 9, 2009

Felt Fur & Yarn

I'm trying to churn out lots of felted earrings right now. These ones are for my best buddies whose birthdays are Sunday and Monday! For the first time I am hoping they won't read my blog until they receive them but if they do I don't think it will be too much of a surprise... Anyways I wanted to document them before I sent them off (they live in Rhode Island and Calgary).
And a big thank you to the boyfriend for secretly wanting to felt and suggesting to add buttons into the felt balls... Brilliant boy.

Gunna sneak a picture of Frankie (my cat) in this post. And yes, he's wearing a hoodie... It has "Frankie Says Relax" printed in gold letters on the back... It kind of makes him look like a boxer. I realize this is ridiculous but it makes me really happy. And he actually likes it. He rolls around in it purring and trying to eat the strings. He's not your average cat.

I also realized I haven't mentioned how the Stitch and Bitch is going! It's called Bitchin Stitchin and it's held weekly in the apartment. This upcoming week will be our third meeting! It's quite possibly the raddest Stitch and Bitch around. Along with the normal knitting circle activities such as bitching and sharing knitting techniques, we bring baked goods, have friends knitting with us via skype, and watch arrested development. Couldn't ask for a better Tuesday night! Here is my roomie, Jarika, with her homemade chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies. She doesn't think she can cook or bake but I beg to differ. Stay tuned for more actual knitting photos when I get my camera back from the shop :) Then no more of this low quality photobooth business!
If you are in Winnipeg and want to join 'Bitchin Stitchin' feel free to leave a message in the comments and I'll let you know where and when!


  1. love the earrings! my ear holes are too big for regular earrings but maybe i need more holes so i can achieve felt earrings also! also your cat is super cute. i am a fan of sneaking in pet pictures, who cares what other people think!

    the stitch and bitch sounds amazing! i wish i knew more crafty people who would actually do a thing like that here.

  2. Thanks! Have you tried hoop earrings? I did a custom order once for a girl with super stretched ears and i just used hoops instead. They weren't the felt earrings but another kind. And yes I'm taking a page from your book (or blog?) with the cat pictures!

  3. Wait a minute! You're in textile arts! There's gotta be some people in your program you can rope into knitting! You could always put up posters and have the meetings in a lounge at school or something. I'm kind of a nerd I know :)

  4. honestly it seems like most of them are not even that interested in knitting! weird, i know.

    there are some knitting things that happen in the city already, so maybe i should just join up with them. way easier than trying to organize my own thing.

    mostly i think i just want to watch arrested development, haha!

  5. like i wouldn't read your blog duder! i'm feeling the buttons

  6. Tamara: well if you decide to visit the peg you have a knitting circle to join!
    and Kaja: dammit - youre an avid reader now eh? well do you like them?

  7. dude you know i check your blog every day homie... i love them can't wait to see them in real life!

  8. k...... those earrings are dad-rad.. add felting to the list of stuff we're doing when i come home!

    frankie's amazing. jarika looks adorbs in that pic (as she does.. all the time..)