Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time for red stained hands again - and not from paint

[Photo Cred]

Pomegranates are back! I was walking through Superstore the other day - usually not something I enjoy - I hate the masses of oblivious people with children who block the aisles with their carts and don't care to move for you - yes I'm bitter - but then I got to the fruit section and my favourite snacking fruit is back! I became obsessed with these last year when I discovered their beautiful brain like design and tiny jeweled seeds... Next to grapefruit - my favourite fruit. And apparently chock- full of health benefits.... Maybe if I keep eating pomegranates it'll erase all the wrongs I've done to my body. We can hope. Just thought I'd let everyone know that if you're looking for an entertaining, time consuming fruit to sit down to a movie with, look no further.


  1. So good! I don't know if this ruins the fun but you can seed pomegranates pretty easily by sticking them in a bowl of cold water and then sort of separating the bits. You can pick out the white bits and then strain the water out once you just have the seeds. I kinda like having pink hands though.

  2. Woah I never knew! Hmmm.. maybe when I'm feeling lazy :) Thanks for the tip!