Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Just Blousing"

Christmas is coming and I know work is craaaaazy already... I worked earleir this morning and I swear the store was like whoville on christmas eve! The Grinch is definitely one of my favourite Christmas movies... I'm a sucker for Jim Carrey and animated Christmas movies - I can't wait to see the new Christmas Carol... But I think the ulitmate for me is Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation. The Chevy Chase movies are kind of a family favourite...

With that in mind I'm sure everyone's trying to either start or finish their christmas list and what better way to do that than possibly win $125 worth of Studio Lune merch! Hit up their website tomorrow and enter in to win - it features a variety pieces from Studio Lune's artists - I'm tossing in 3 'Giggs' items (hint: my stuff is in the blue ornament on the poster)!

Also if you are looking for the ladies on your list Giggs jewelry is available for purchase at Studiolune both online and in store and a large selection of both felted and plastic jewelry as well as some knew knitted projects will be available at the Craft Buffet next weekend!

Oh p.s. I got a new kitten :) His name is Toulouse like Toulouse Lautrec...
Here are Toulouse and Frankie getting ready for Christmas....


  1. eeek cats in sweaters SO CUTE

  2. haha yeah i know - i got the little knitted one at dollarama - it said it was for a small dog which i don't get cuz I just fits my 3 month old kitten.... It'd have to be a rat dog or something.. When I finally feel like trying something a little more challenging I'm going to knit my cats sweaters - talk about crazy cat lady...

  3. wow, what a lovely christmas dressed kitten!!!