Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Paintings & a Craft Buffet

Just thought I'd post some new paintings I've been working on! My apologies for the photography - they were quick snaps in the art barn. If you want a closer look just double click the image. 'Sheep in a Street + Worms' is finished and the painting that is currently untitled is in progress but nearing completion! I'm planning on going BIIIIIIIG for the next painting - I'm talking possibly double the size (my canvases right now are approx. 6ftx5ft give or take) providing I have the materials at hand in the next few days.

'Sheep in a Street + Worms'

'Untitled' ... for now

Also my friend Pascale and I will be sharing a craft table and selling our crafty things with a handful of other very talented ladies Dec. 20 at the Craft Buffet - It's at 138 Portage Ave beside the Nutty Club! Drop by and check it out for your last minute Christmas shopping needs - or just for yourself :)

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