Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bright Lights Small City

So I may not have mentioned I've gone pink. I don't quite remember the inspiration for that but I've been very into colour lately - I think it may have been the pink clouds from Apocalypse Now that did it...

I'm also wearing my rad Christmas present from Kaja - they're knitted strands that we like to call dreads. She is a wool master! Her mom used to be the manager at Ramwools so that could be where she gets it from. I'm also wearing handmade earrings Darrin picked out for me in South Africa. Yay presents!
On that note I also stumbled across Atomic Blue's etsy shop yesterday and am plotting my next wool purchase... I love her bright colour schemes and what really caught my eye was that she uses all animal friendly wool and gentler dyes for the environment! She lives in Idaho and gets her wool from local farms that pamper, give names to, and NEVER slaughter their sheep. Woot!

And just for good measure... How awesome is Matthew Ritchie's work?!


  1. Wow! Pink looks great on you! More pictures please :-D I'm living vicariously through you, I'd love pink hair but there is WAY to much to bleach, so it' never gonna happen. Maybe I'll buy a wig for fun.

  2. thanks jill! it was pretty drastic but im diggin it - we'll see how long it lasts...

  3. i too am a fan of the pink! the bleaching part sucks but i think as long as you use a decent conditioner it's fine. :D

  4. huge fan of the wool pretty pumped to check some of that out...plus sweet necklaces!!!