Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year - New Plans to Take Over the World

First off Happy New Year! Sorry it's been a while since the last post - if you haven't already noticed there have been a lot of changes to the Giggs wesbite! A blog makeover by Leigh Ann of Freckled Nest is nearing completion and I think it's a great start to the new year! But more on that to come...
As for the break, it didn't really feel like a break until the past week! Between work, The Craft Buffet, and 'The Dodo Bird Gets the Worm' opening at Edna Fedya there was little breathing room but since Christmas the holidays actually feel like the holidays. Highlights of Christmas day consisted of a flower delivery care of Darrin (get this - he wasn't even in town - he had pre-planned and was in South Africa - major brownie points), Christmas morning wifesaver with the fam (a bread, egg, cheese, and ham concoction we have every christmas - my brother made me a meatless version), and stockings with the roommie Jarika! Jarika was very on the ball at the Reetbot show at the beginning of the break and snatched up a print I really liked for a 'stocking stuffer' - she rocks and it rocks...

Other break shenanigans consisted of the ladies of the [knit] night having a memorable breakfast dates at the Tallest Poppy and Stella's as well as several trips to Mitchell's Fabrics to hit up their tube fabrics for ready made cowls and vintage fabrics!

[Photo Cred: Alesha Frederickson]

Jarika received a cowl in her stocking and the vintage fabrics have turned into a crazy rug the cats like to use as a wrestling mat, a table cloth, and a soon to be shower curtain made with my buddy Lauren. During the Stellas breakfast my friend Alesha actually taught me how to crochet! It wasn't an easy pattern either - I was deadset on crocheting toques for my dad and Darrin (they are yet to be completely finished but are very close) - so that's another skill to learn crossed off the list! (Don't ask why the crochet hooks are such random sizes... I tend to free-style)

Another exciting event of the break was selling the first abstract painting of this year through Edna's! 'The Camper' is now gone and I've decided not to look back - no need in getting 'precious' to use a word by my painting prof Sharon. Bye Bye 'Camper' I'm sure you're off to a good home!

One of my friend Alexa's bands, The New Lightweights, also had a cd release at Le Garage so they have been the soundtrack to the break - they're fantastic - check em out!

Since Christmas, things have been slower (as they should be) - lots of hibernating - although I am itching to get into the art barn but the University has locked it until school starts... I'm determined to find a way in...
For now I'm guessing many people have made their new years resolutions? I made mine a day late but the effort's still there...

New Years Resolutions/Goals/To-Do
(in no particular order)

1. Participate in several art shows
2. Be in the art barn every second day - if not daily
3. Keep up to date on school readings
4. Take a cooking class with Darrin
5. Go skydiving (this is on my list every year but THIS will be the year!)
6. Get a psychic reading
7. Learn how to knit cat sweaters
8. Start learning sign language
9. Visit my bestest buddy Kaja in Calgary
10. Don't be afraid to sabotage paintings
11. Make Pascale's 44 clove garlic soup
12. Learn how to pickle
13. Get a gym membership (this is the least fun....)
14. Make all my own stretchers (for real - I'm starting today!)
15. Make my own tea
16. Start a craft night with Alesha once a month as an extension of knit night
17. Trip to the maritimes or New York with Darrin
.... the list goes on but I'll stop here!
And I would compare to last year but I lost that list...

Anyways, I'm almost done my morning french press of coffee and am off to Home Depot to make stretchers with Nadine - I hope everyone's making the most of the remaining holiday!

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