Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Energizer Bunny

I walked out of the door of my apartment today to hoar's frost blanketing the city. After seeing this since I was a kid I never knew what it was called until my friend Leslie told me the name today - at first I didn't realize how it was spelt... I was running around like a headless chicken all day so I didn't get to take photos until I was on my way home so here are some I took at the university. I feel like I'm in the Chronicles of Narnia in this sort of weather except with temporary fencing and rootbeer like slush on the roads.

I thought I'd also share the progress on the most recent painting I've been working on. A few posts back I showed the first few stages - this is where I started and finished today. It's now upside down and I may keep it that way...

And here are the ladies of tonight's knit night with their most recent creations!

Kerri is apparently disgusted by hers - but actually it's her 'practice piece' - she's perfecting her basket weave, argyle, and pavillion stitches.

Katie is trying out the basket weave stitch.

Leslie is in town from Rhode Island so she wanted to do a one night project - a headband!

And I am in bewteen projects - next week I hope to start knitting a toque - so I am possibly making a scarf? Or a scowl? It will turn into something - it's pretty wool anyways :)
On that note, I am also amongst a handful of talented ladies being featured on the Freckled Nest blog right now! Each artist has shared something they have made recently and there are giveaways from select sellers! I have shared a 'How-to-Scowl' Pattern (below) and am giving away a pair of 'puff' knitted earrings. Check it out here and enter to win!

To end off I'd also like to bring something a little bit more serious to your attention - Haiti is in need of a lot of assistance right now and in case you are unsure of how you can help I would like to bring a smaller organization to your attention. This past year, Darrin went to Haiti to volunteer at an orphanage with a group called the Haitian Education Project. 'HEP' is a non-profit organization that "seeks to increase educational opportunities, thereby raising the economic and social status of the Haitian people." With the latest earthquake, 'HEP' is sending out shelter boxes that include two ten person tents, sleeping bags, water purification kits, water carriers, cooking equipment, among other necessities to help those affected. For more information visit The Haitian Education Project and if you are interested in donating you can find information on the shelter boxes and how to donate here.

Thanks guys! Over and out!


  1. I always love hearing about women getting together to craft.

  2. I need help with knitting!! Love that pattern!

  3. amandajane - its the best!
    kristin - if you'e having trouble with knitting and are a visual or hands-on person like I am, I'd suggest going to to check out their videos or often you can just go to your local wool store (I know they do this at Ramwools) and ask them to show you and they often have beginner classes OR if you're lucky enough to live in a city with a knitting cafe (i wish) you can ask anyone there!

  4. hey! i'm stopping by from the freckled nest :)
    i love the necklace in the post below - wow!

  5. hi gillian,

    found you over at freckled nest - i like your blog - and look forward to see the finished painting!


  6. i've never seen anything like the hoar's frost, how interesting :)

    i wish i had a knitting circle!!! i'm so jealous :)

    nice to find your blog! :)

    xo, katie

  7. I want to learn to knit so badly! Stopping in from Freckled Nest.

  8. Hi! I'm here from freckled nest. I love the scowl how to. One of these days I am going to start knitting. I love the necklace in the post below!

  9. Here from Freckled Nest! LOVING the yellow yarn...gorgeous color!

  10. hello gillian! (:

    stopping by from FN and I really like that
    painting of yours ^^

  11. gill, i love that you got photos of that beautiful winter-wonderland day we had. it felt like i was in a dream all day. it was great!
    also i'm totally digging your painting project. at this moment i feel like it's becoming one of my favs! can't wait til it's done!!

  12. SNB's are theeee best. Love your hair colour!

  13. hello there. so, I totally wish that I could figure out the whole knitting thing. I mean, I can do it, but somehow manage to pick up or drop stitches and my knitting turns into completely unusable wear! ha. I enjoyed reading through your blog today. I hope all is going well with the workout/knitting thing.

  14. That frost was soooooo beautiful in the morning, crossing over the norwood bridge and by the forks. Like a dream - and nope - I didn't have my camera either. CURSES! bad bloggers! BAD!

  15. I'm stopping by from Freckled Nest! I love your blog and all the wonderful knitting projects you have on here!

  16. Your knitting group looks like a lot of fun! Love your blog.

  17. wow!!! circle knit scarf!!! definitely a keeper for winnipeg's terrible winter (which is not so bad this year, yes?)

    i was browsing through local blogs in winnipeg and i stumbled upon yours. lovely blog you got here.. :)

  18. Thanks for all the kind words ladies! Im having fun checking out everyones unique blogs :)