Friday, February 5, 2010

Be my Valentine

Whether you think it's lame or not Valentines Day is coming up and I'm a die hard romantic so it's necessary for me to post about it. I've gathered a handful of artists whose work deals with the complexities of relationships, love, sex, and the human body.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster
This couple, based in England, met in art school in the 80's and work as a duo often making self portraits of their own sexual relationship.

Cecily Brown
Cecily feels that, "[sex] on some levels [is] the perfect subject to paint if you're interested in painting the figure - this idea of figures in motion, figures engaged in something emotional and how figures fuse together." (taken from an interview with Carol Lee)

John Currin
John Currin is known for his distortion of women's bodies. He has moved to painting couples having sex to see if showing it all has the same effect as leaving something to the imagination. From an article in Modern Edition, Currin explains, "I love grand, classically nude paintings and there is really no situation where plausibly you have crisscrossing limbs and stuff like that except in pornography."

I also feel it's necessary to talk about Missed Connections - the longing notes left on Craig's List by people who felt that had something with another but failed to make a move. I have many friends that think these are pathetic - I on the other hand think they are incredibly romantic but wish these people could have gotten the balls to do something about it. My advice - you're probably never going to see that person again so don't be afraid of making an ass of yourself and saying something... or draw them a creepy cartoon with your number on it and hand it to them if you're tounge-tied. Sophie Blackall from Brooklyn, New York has taken Missed Connections and started a series of illustrations based on the hopeful? hopeless? notes...

Like most couples there's always the decision to be made if you are celebrating Valentines Day, what you're doing and if you're doing gifts. If you're into material expressions of your love (I am) here are some ideas from etsy for that special someone or to treat yourself!

And cards - a good card can be the best part of a present. I swear by Sew Dandee and Uncooked cards (These are available online or if you live in 'the peg' you can pick these up at Sew Dandee and Kustum Kulture in Osborne Village). If you're at a loss for words, these cards will say everything...

And just for good measure, if you are feeling a little DIY here's a how to video from Threadbanger on making your own underwear care of Clare Bare!

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  1. OMG I just read alllll of your blogs since Winnipeg! They are lovely. Also, I lovee Cecily Brown so much. Also your vday plans are cutee and i'm doing 'eric and leslie' day post calgary w eroc. Also I'm coming to Calg early!! Well earlier on wed like at noon istead of late at night yayy. okay we need to talk sooon xxoxoxoxoxox!