Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had a scary but strangely exciting dream last night that I wanted to die so I could live in the world after death... Freaky, I know, but I was so excited and saw a whole new world of opportunities until someone in my dream told me that there might not be life after death and then I started to become afraid of it. My friends had told me they were waiting for me on the other side and I was now worried they'd be waiting forever if I didn't get someone to inject me with this large needle. The dream ended with me being torn and afraid that maybe life after death wouldn't happen and I'd be leaving everything behind for no reason. It was one of those dreams where you are crying in the dream - very intense. Anyways I haven't had an intense dream like this for a while and I do think there is something to dreams, something that we are supposed to take from them, so I looked up the meaning of death in dreams. A lot of the interpretations were talking about other people dying and how that signifies the end of a relationship with that person in real life. Or in the case of teenagers dreaming about the death of their parents, this often signifies their independence from their parents and becoming an adult. So dreaming of my own death apparently means that I am in a transitional phase in my life and that I am becoming enlightened. So the fact that I was hesitant and scared in the dream is probably expected from a new phase in life. I can't think of a better and more exciting interpretation to such a scary dream.

Facts about dreams...

"David Watson, a professor of psychology at the University of Indiana, says that people who are creative, imaginative, and prone to fantasy are more likely to have vivid dreams and to remember them. The possible reason for this is that they allow more stimuli to arise in consciousness."

"We spend around one third of our lives sleeping, and six years of dreaming. Studies have shown that we are not switched off during dreaming - our brain waves are actually more active during dreaming than in waking life. In a poll, over sixty percent of Americans said that the had experienced deja vu."

What's your most memorable dream?


  1. this reminds me a little of that movie, wristcutters, except the world after death kinda sucked.

  2. oh my roommate just rented that! She's always renting the weirdest movies - i think i remember her saying it was really funny and i would enjoy it...

  3. 6 years dreaming, thats beautiful! I had such a crazy memorable dream 2 nights ago about wanting a live shark at my wedding and trying to get rid of it the next day.

  4. it is pretty fantastic! i recommend it as well!