Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Living in Excess

I'm having one of my favourite kind of nights tonight... Here are the main components...

1. Holy Basil Tea

2. Chocolate Chip Pancakes (ok my pancakes weren't rainbow and I think next time this will be a must)

3. Manic Panic Hair Dye (doing my weekly touch up)

4. My mac (this isn't my mac - mine is covered in paint - but I feel like I need this decal from Morning Bird Collective...)

5. Bubble Bath... with a Lush bubble bar of course... because I am a lush... (Chaplin doesn't have bubbles but I couldn't resist this photo)

6. Singing along to the Drifters... (yes, really)

7. And to help me do these things all at once, Darrin bought me a bath caddy for Valentines :) It's amazing! There's a spot for my tea, my wine (the stem of the glass fits into the opening on the right) AND my mac!

I also thought I'd show you what I've been working on in the art barn! Here are two new paintings in progress...

This one is 6x4 ft and is nearing completion but isn't there quite yet

And this is the start of my collaboration with Nadine! We're going at eachothers canvases and trying to sabotage eachother's work - kind of like Charlene Von Heyl (the painter I've been obsessing over) who constantly sabotages her paintings. Nadine thought she could 'screw me over' by throwing pink and red all over the canvas but I had a strategy! I took a neutral and circled the marks she made that I found interesting and started to block other things out - she saw it today and said, "Dammit! You figured it out!" So in a few days she'll get to go at it again and I'll try to fix it - it's kind of like fencing... En garde!

Sharon (my painting prof) recommended I watch Basquiat to check out the collaborations done by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat to get inspired. After seeing the trailer I think I have to rent it ASAP!

And as promised I have Kaja's dance performance uploading on Vimeo right now so as soon as it's done I will be posting it!

Hope you guys are having an awesome start to the week!


  1. dude i'm really into the fetus/embryo one!

  2. kaja? is that you?? thanks man! it's almost there... and if this is you, check out your shout out above!

  3. ooo! i LOVE that caddy...especially the wine spot. :D my favorite accompaniment to a bubble bath. great post...and i am going to have some rainbow colored pancakes for breakfast very soon.

  4. it is me!!!! i did check out the shout out you're unreal!!!i miss you muchly here in calgs!

  5. Thanks for featuring our site! I love the rainbow colored pancakes... might have to add them to the "for your viewing pleasure" section