Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So after the long process of figuring out how to load this video on to Vimeo you can now finally see Kaja's dance in Dance Explosions Calgary! It's called 'Feathering' and the idea behind it is that Kaja (the one with the more reddish hair who is standing in the beginning) and Liisa (blonde, crouched in the beginning) are twin Dino-birds and Kaja was born seconds earlier. My apologies for the darkness in the beginning - the lighting gets better as it goes on and although my filming does not do it justice, in the flesh these two are captivating and although the film seems long it is very rewarding to watch the whole thing. My favourite part is Kaja's solo about 6 minutes in... It's unbelievable how Kaja and Liisa are able to express so much with their bodies and their ability to look so animalistic blows my mind... Enjoy!

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  1. i have my first fan!

    now i just have to figure out how to make my site even a fraction as awesome-looking as yours...

    then i will be RICH! RICH! i tell you...hahaha...