Sunday, February 28, 2010

Peg-city Pride

[Photo by Suzie]

I always get excited when people write or make art about Winnipeg. For those of you who are not from here - Winnipeg is a small prairie city with lots of heart (and art). It's small and homey and great for artists because of this. We are known for our frigid winters that can dip as low as -50C. My friend Suzie has just started a gem of a blog that I can't wait to see flourish, called Winnipeg Yearbook. Suzie is an art historian/actress/photographer and after working with her at the 'lonely suburb diner' I can vouch that her thoughts consist solely of beautiful, grunge poetry (if you can call that a type of poetry - I'm not a writer). Suzie's writings on Winnipeg are comforting to me and speak of the mixed feelings that many peggers have in the Winnipeg winters...

"a hangover weighs on the morning sky:
the artists skulk about the stony Exchange with steamy mugs
the hipsters prance and preen in AA-dappled Starbucks
the Old plough like wisened fuzzy clydesdales across parking lots
the bedbugs skitter to wake the Woleslians and die in granola-bowl caskets
the espresso steam screams streams of Italian caramel cafeine for the morning Mafioso at BarI
a lonely suburb diner bounces bacon-crackle echoes over misfit breakfasters"

-excerpt from 'In Touch with my Solecism" by Suzanne Pringle

To give you some insight as to the infamous hangouts Suzie is referencing I've added photos from local photographer, Bryan Scott, to see the city through his eyes and put things in context.

Exchange District... full of heritage buildings, the exchange houses our most concentrated arts community - galleries, studios, diners, and vintage

Wolseley... Winnipeg's hippie neighbourhood

Corydon... known as Little Italy, Corydon ave. is known for being a bit more "cha chi"

(Inside Bar Italia aka Bar 'I')

And just a few more places near and dear to my heart...

Corner of River and Osborne

Village Ink on Osborne - nicest staff ever... I highly recommend it!

The Forks - where the Assiniboine and Red River meet - when it freezes over in the winter it turns into a skating rink/river walk

The Park Theatre on South Osborne - old movies and local music in old school theatre seats - you can even buy beer and snacks and you'll have a table to eat on in the theatre :)

The Pancake House - a Winnipeg staple - my aunt worked here when she was in University and still has the scar from a vat of grease to prove it!

The Winnipeg Art Gallery Entrance - I was just here today!

Uh yeah... this is true but please don't be discouraged...

And to get a taste for the sounds of Winnipeg, here are just a few of my favourite local bands...

Hope you dig :)


    i just returned from a trip to winnipeg (my hometown) to visit family and i had such a great time, it really reminded me what a great city it is.
    thanks for sharing all those great photos too - was like a trip down memory lane - my teenage years were spent living in the wolseley area, corydon ave & osborne village used to be my two fave hangout areas, and the pancake house was where i spent many childhood mornings (i think my meal was always the baked baby apple pancake).
    i also went to the art gallery while i was there last week and took a similar photo of the entrance :)

  2. i am so touched. thank you, Gill. this made my day!


  3. the freaky circles were bigger than jesus.

  4. and I am anxiously awaiting their return!... especially the drummer...