Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Happy

So it was my birthday on the weekend and I celebrated by having a potluck! Best idea ever... Everyone gets excited to make their own 'specialty' and no one wants to take the food home after so you have a whole fridge full of food at the end of it! I thought I'd share some of my favourite photos of the night and some of the wicked gifties (a lot handmade!) people brought :)

Pascale and Thom eating Pascale's homemade rice pudding

Friends potlucking in the living room

Danny and Kara playing with dollarstore laser beams

Darrin and I

Lovely things from my lovely friends....
- 'Make Cupcakes - Not War.' from Jarika
- Collage/drawing by Danny from Danny
- Bird wall hangy thing by Kara from Kara
- pencil drawing and french press coffee mug from Darrin
- and Pascale got me the Beach House Teen Dream cd - I hadn't heard of them before - Pascale said the album reminds her of me...

And a few more exciting things...

The 'Major Not Minor' U of M Painting and Drawing Majors art show starts this Friday at 7pm at Outworks Gallery (290 McDermot) - I was just there last night setting up and the work is so varied and impressive - If you're in the city don't miss it!

Aaaand I got a gig teaching private oil painting classes yesterday! I'm a bit of a freak organization wise so I'm really excited to make lessons plans, assignments etc... Hooray for passing on the knowledge!

[Adrien Ghenie]

And lastly, along with a handful of other summer courses, I've decided to take a ceramics studio course this summer. I originally went into Fine Arts because I wanted to take ceramics but then fell in love with painting. I'm really excited to get back at throwing on a wheel - the feeling of throwing is similar slapping paint on a new canvas - you can't beat it :) And yes I'm posting a picture of Ghost... you know you love that scene too...


  1. Happy birthday Gill!
    I love Beach House. Teen Dream has been keeping me smiling during this stressful home stretch of school.
    Also- I'm so stealing the pot luck idea come my birthday. Perhaps it will be a pot luck/bring your own knitting event

  2. i really hope your ceramics course doesn't end up like that scene from ghost...

  3. ok so thom and i were just talking about ceramics yesterday .. and of course i ended up steering the conversation to that scene from ghost.
    where are you doing ceramics?? i havent thrown in years and want to do a bowl or two.
    call me! after wednesday.
    your friend ... in christ..