Saturday, March 20, 2010

Summer plans...

Every summer I make a list of things to accomplish... here's my list for this summer!
[all photos except those noted from and flickr]

- start and finish two paintings for art auctions
- paint my face off in general
- ceramics course! Make the best coffee mugs ever...

- search for a studio
- find a cheap and comfy couch for my thesis space in the fall

- Leslie moves home!
- catch and release fishing off my parents dock on the river

- teaching oil painting classes
- apply to the Gallery of Student Art (GOSA)
- visit my favourite ice cream joint - the BDI! Like many Winnipeggers I've been going there since I can remember

- ride my new and improved bike to school
- surprise my bike with a basket for his handles

- have someone who can actually take good photographs (I'm the worst- blur galore) photograph my work so I can put together a handheld portfolio
- update my online resume and portfolio
- research grad schools
- trip with Darrin (we're hoping for the maritimes but depending on cash flow we may have to go with plan B)
- make my own soap! I was at Mondragon (vegan coffee shop/bookstore in the exchange) yesterday and bought a zine on 'How to make soap without burning your face off'

- finally make my own shower curtain with the killer fabric I've had waiting on my drawing table for months!
- put more paintings up at Edna's (branch off of Stella's Cafe and Bakery at the U of M)
- go to Folk Fest for atleast a day...
- make it out to Kaja's cottage - Kaja's got the BEST cottage in Souix Narrows, Ontario - I've been going with her since we were itty bitty and it's the best place for seclusion - it's a tiny cottage that until a few years ago didn't have electricity (now they have a generator) sitting on the tip of an otherwise uninhabited island... My best memories there are of Kaja and I catching frogs, crayfish, and leeches at the rockface, camping on nearby deserted islands and hearing (i hope animals) rustling in the bushes, and cliff jumping :)

- grow strangely shaped vegetables

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  1. oh man, can you believe we've almost been in our place for a year?! i remember making your last years list with you! i should probably make one, too. but heyyy, i'm totally down with making a shower curtain but i may have bought one for us..
    it's okay, it can be's not anything too crazy. i just hate our dirty spray painted plastic mess we call a shower curtain.
    also, i think my bike would like to go on a date with your bike and look for a basket as well!