Thursday, April 8, 2010

'Pimpin their rides'

Ok this is the cutest thing I've ever seen... I'm in the art barn painting snails into my eggs benedict painting and I came across this photo of a graffitied snail (don't worry it's non-toxic paint). The artist's name is Slinkachu (how fitting) and he is based in London. He comes across snails and 'pimps their ride' and sets them free to roam the streets. He calls it "Inner City Snail - A Slow-Moving Street Art Project". That just made my night.

I also remembered I promised a photo of the new haircut - there was an impulse in that I went to a completely different hairdresser than planned... Here's the new do and please ignore the weird colour enhancements - I'm trying to draw your attention to the man in a big brimmed hat and suit drawn on the wall behind me. He has been painted over in white but you can still see the his outline. I love the little surprises in the art barn :)


  1. oh man the snails are so cute but i feel like probably they are dinner for birds more often now.

    also! i meant to respond to that award thinger and then i got distracted by life but THANK YOU that was rad, i appreciate it :D

    i am probably too lazy to tag others, mostly cause the people i know on the internet have probably already received one anyways, but i am not too lazy to talk about myself.

    oh also i love the hair, it makes me feel like maybe i should go to a real hair dresser one day.

  2. AHH! The hair is so great. So, so great. And the snail is priceless. I wonder if he's happy about it though.

  3. haha! AWESOME.

    (the snail graffiti and your hair :)

  4. thanks guys! got the hair done at the university salon and it tuned out better than i had imagined and was cheap too!