Thursday, April 8, 2010

Abzurb Impulses

Dominique Rey, is a very inspiring Winnipeg artist who has visited our painting class several times this year. She did a talk in the art barn a week or so ago and talked about her work and its extremes such as making work about her time spent with an order of French nuns to her photographic series about exotic dancers in south carolina, where she immersed herself in their way of life by actually dancing herself. She also showed a video of her Winnipeg based performance group, The Abzurbs. which I found particularly interesting and amusing. On their site, the Abzurbs explain that, "... they encourage free play and unrepressed, impulsive behavior in themselves and their audience." You'll see what I mean when you watch their video :) I think The Abzurbs focus on impulse is an integral part of art making. I can't wait til I can see them live...

The following are some of Dominique's paintings based on The Abzurbs...

Dog Faced Boy


I'm heading to the art barn today to help clean up for the Open House on Sunday and finish my eggs benedict painting that I plan on putting in the show. I never know what my paintings will look like when I'm finished because I never have a clear picture of them in my head - only fragments of the next few steps - so I guess in a sense I work off my impulses and if the impulses don't work I paint over it. I'm going to keep The Abzurbs in mind while painting today.
I also have a haircut this afternoon at a place I've never been to before called 'Pink Star'. I thought it was fitting since my hair is pink - although I picked up a slightly different manic panic from Urban Waves the other day called Vampire Red so nows it's kind of a Run Lola Run colour... I've got a cut inspiration photo in mind but who knows - maybe the hair dresser or I will get impulsive and do something completely different... I'll post when it's done :)

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  1. Ahh I love going on Impulse with hair!
    and PAINTING!!!