Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crunch Time

My apologies for being MIA this week - things have been so crazy on the school front with this being the last full week of classes and I've been in the art barn every day this week working on this...

Darrin snapped this photo when he was hanging in the barn with me the other night. I'm trying to get it finished before open house (the final show of all the U of M Fine Arts students) next weekend because I'm hoping it will be the one I put in the show. But we shall see...

I also went to the painting and drawing thesis show at Outworks the other night called These Theses. My apologies for the semi-blurred photos - I was taking them with my shakey hands on an iphone. My favourite of the night was Kara's. She painted her brother as Jesus and included a part of the installation she will have at open house. Her installation is meant to be inside of her brain and it's set up like her room but with walls made of beer bottles. She added beer bottles to the wooden structure at the show and throughout the night people kept adding more - it was really cool how it was interactive in that sense :)

Darrin and I admiring Jesus - photo taken by Kenny Wang

Kara shmoozing

Sorry again for my absence this past week - by mid week some hecticness should subside and I will be bloggity blogging as per usual :) I also plan on doing a my first 'vlog' of open house so stay tuned for that!

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  1. It takes SO much to be enrolled in an Art Program.
    I don't think people who have ever personally experienced this can even begin to understand how much time, passion, and effort we put into our studies.
    So, I, Like you know and understand the "MIA moments" in the life of an Art Student. Oh But aren't they worth every moment:]