Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring wardrobe on a shoestring

I've been on a new budget lately, trying to get into the habit of regularily saving and re-evaluating what is actually necessary for me to be buying so I can save for bigger things like school or trips... Of course it is nice to treat yourself so with spring coming up and my normal urge for an updated spring wardrobe I've decided to try my hand at making my own clothing and try to buy as little as possible! My bff Kaja sent me my birthday present the other day and I was so impressed with her DIY skills! She only got her sewing machine up and running the past few months and has been experimenting ever since. She made me this killer scarf/neck piece that can be attached with a broach to keep it together. She used scraps of fabric from other projects and a men's plaid button up shirt. She sent me a square pink broach but I'm going to a family dinner tonight so I thought I'd switch it up with a paint palette broach my grandma gave me that I had been trying to work into an outfit... Cute eh?

(Please ignore our messy apartment - Jarika was collaging yesterday and we decided it was a good idea to make masks and go on chat roulette...)

Anyways, Kaja's scarf got me thinking about what I could make to update my spring wardrobe... I'd love to spice up some old tank tops that still fit with frills and crazy fabrics, make some sashes for my torso, fancify (new word) some cheap shoes, make dresses out of large shirts, and make this skirt I found on thread banger with some fun men's shirts. I really enjoy this designer :) If he were an animal he would be a pug - he's got those eyes...

I've gathered up some of my favourite etsy designers for inpiration and as soon as school is over I'm tracking down a sewing machine and givin er!


  1. duuuude! SEW (haha) down for alterations! maybe alesha or lauren can teach us a couple quick tips!

  2. (sorry, it's jarika..i am accidentally logged into your account!)