Sunday, May 2, 2010

Woah weddings!

Woah! So since my last post about never having been to a wedding, one of my closest friends Lauren got engaged to her long time boyfriend Andre!

The whole wedding party hasn't been decided yet but she asked me yesterday to be one of her bridesmaids and as if I'd turn that down! I'm so happy for them and so excited to be a part of the event but secretly I think I might be most excited to help PLAN the event... Being the internet junkie I am as soon as I heard the news I started scouring the internet for wedding inspiration and I think I've probably overwhelmed Lauren with the amount of cool wedding stuff I found. It's pretty funny considering I've still never been to one of these things but maybe it's a good tactic to be able to think outside of the box? Let's pretend it is... Anyways Lauren knows she wants to have it outside in the fall and is definitely not the typical 'bride'. She's been tossing around the idea of the bridesmaid dresses being rockabilly/retro inspired which I think is a very cool idea and so suited to her :)

We're in art school together so it's kind of a given that a lot of the decor will be DIY with help from friends. With that in mind, here's some of the inspiration I gathered...

couch + setting of choice

Umbrella/light installation + tvs showing photos of the couple

paper streamers and twinkle lights

Andre and Lauren plan on making different origami animals for each table at the wedding

This is a list of the sites I gathered...

Any suggestions on other places to look?

And congrats again to my friends - life is good!

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  1. Ah so exciting!
    Ken and I have wedding bands and an engagement ring being shipped right now (Were still not TECHNICALLY engaged though so no telling), but were looking at a fall outdoor wedding too.
    One of our cool ideas so far is having a lot of drinks and candles and lanterns and such made from Mason jars. Get it? Ken MASON. Baahaha. So clever.
    Keep me posted on ideas! All of these look awesome. Feel free to plan my wedding too!
    I have some links I can share with you too if ya like.
    -Cara Gesell