Sunday, April 25, 2010

What's New

Hey guys! My apologies for the delay in blog posts - I've been quite busy lately and haven't been able to finish one! Had a great night the other night! I recently got my bike in working order for the summer

so Darrin and I rode our bikes down to the exchange to check out the opening of The Ghost's Show at Frued's Bathhouse and Diner (a brand new gallery in the exchange).

I was enjoying the music set to the show and the show featured artists like Reetbot, Ted Barker, and Andrew Milne. It's great to have that new gallery there to give emerging artists more opportunities to show their work! We then peddled down to Mondragon for some tofu sandwiches and then to Movie Village to rent Precious - great movie by the way - before you watch it I warn that it's very intense...

I feel like everything is finally wrapped up from the end of school and I'm free as a bird! Going to spend today cleaning the apartment, picking up supplies to start my soap making venture and picking up some herbs like basil, cilantro, and mint so Jarika and I can start making mass amounts of soups and freezable food for school.

Jarika's finally in hair school and I'm so proud of her and I'll be starting my ceramics course this Monday. I can't wait to dig into a fresh box of clay and throw it on a wheel - I've missed that feeling. I'll be sure to document the soap making, cooking, and ceramics to come!

Also thought I'd share a purchase I'm really excited about. Darrin and I's friend Shosh is getting married in June and it will be the first wedding I've ever been too - I know - crazy. Darrin keeps asking what I'm expecting and I respond that I'm expecting it to be like wedding crashers... Anyways I felt like I needed the right dress so I found it on We don't have an Anthropoligie in Winnipeg so I'm incredibly jealous of those of you who have one of these close to home. Here's the dress - It's a 50's style mexican patterned dress - I love it and can't wait for it to arrive :)

Another thing Jarika showed me the other day that blew my mind was what happens when you mix water and corn starch... She used to play with it as a kid and I'm wondering how I missed the boat?

And some recent musical discoveries: First my friend Alexa's new duo with Matt Schellenberg, Courier News. Listen to Empty Clouds - Alexa's voice is so lovable and I can't get enough of it in this pop indie sound - everything she does is Gold :)

Annnnd Daniel Fred and Julie. I heard Jian Ghomeshi interview them on Q the other day - their songs are all taken from a folk song book - great spring music.

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