Saturday, June 26, 2010

Great great great

One of my daily reads is Kyla Roma - I've actually known Kyla since we were little - her sister Lana and I were inseperable as kids! A lot of my memories of their household include several dogs, cats, burning incense, english breakfast tea with waaaay too much sugar and milk, Indian fabrics, Spice Girls, veggie nuggets, nutella, and perogies. It's funny how food plays such a big role in memory... Anyways my favourite posts of Kyla's are the 'Greater Thans' - so in the style of Kyla Roma I would like to share my current greater thans...

Sangria > Wine

Oil > Acrylic

Manic Panic > Boxed hair dye

Blundstones > Birkenstocks (I almost hesitate saying that because I love Birks but Blundstones work for all seasons)

Tofuti > Cream Cheese

Kicking Horse Coffee > Tea

Cilantro > Dill

Going to a cabin > Going to the beach

Sculpting with clay > Clay on the wheel

Hemp milk > Soy milk

Feeling accomplished but tired > Feeling rested but bored

1 comment:

  1. Oh Gill, it's so cool to hear your memories of our house, tea with way too much sugar & milk made me burst out laughing, that's totally my mom's signature :)

    And "Feeling accomplished but tired > Feeling rested but bored"?
    I completely agree! :)