Monday, June 21, 2010

Puttin the feet up and getting my paint on

I feel a huge weight off right now - the final crit for ceramics is done as of his morning, I've dragged all my work home and I was told I don't have to come into work tonight after having worked double shifts both days this weekend. Now I finally have time to get the studio organized and get some painting done in the next few days! I've been doing some sketches and taking some photos for inspiration for some paintings - mostly spawning off of the food/sex/fertility ideas - here's a photo of the mass egg holder splattered with jam in the garbage at work - I walked past it and decided it was a necessary photo-op - I think it will be a good base to a new abstract - I like the egg holder forms...

I also snagged the photos Xanthe took of some of my work during Ceramics so here's some pro photos - rather than my crappy shots:

Cup and Mug with Shino

Nipple Egg Flower Pot

Eggs and Legs Egg Holder (holds 7 eggs)
And here are more of my shots of my bird creatures glazed!
These are only 3 of the 5 I made - I gave the other two for my mom for her birthday
This is only a temporary base
And don't mind the cats - they're very curious

Also! I've decided to go vegan! As of yesterday (except for me forgetting briefly yesterday and putting milk in my coffee) things have been fully vegan. I know my parents will not be thrilled - they are big meat eaters - but I know if I do it right I will get the same nutrition as a meat eater. My new job is at a veggie/vegan restaurant so it's definitely being in that accepting and encouraging atmosphere that fueled the decision. I do love the taste of all things dairy but I agree with the cause and think it's a natural progression from being a veggie for an extended period of time. Plus I used to really enjoy the taste of bacon and managed to cut that out and find substitutes so it will just be a process of finding substitutes and planning my meals carefully. I'm pretty excited - Darrin and I are going to make dinner from his new cookbook The People's Potato Collective. He also sent me this video about culinary activism - he seems to think I'm exactly like this woman - when she forgets what she's talking about and comments that she's going to take the gum out of her mouth... I don't chew gum but I guess I can't completely disagree with him - I do forget what I'm talking about alot...

I thought I'd also share a new band I've been listening to...

Grizzly bear
I love this video - it's so simple but entertaining. It reminds me of this doll I used to have when I was little it was a plastic faced doll with a red light inside it and when you squeezed the tummy it would start singing "Doe a deer" - it's face would go bright red and it freaked the shit out me - I vividly remember wanting to smash the thing but I never did because I didn't know who gave it to me and I would feel bad.

Heading out to do some grocery shopping, then to Darrin's for dinner then to the studio... Hope everyone had a great weekend and if you have any suggestions of Vegan cookbooks/websites let me know!


  1. i find your work very interesting and inspiring. the chicken leg forms kind of alter your perception/perspective for a split second. neat!

    -good luck on going vegan.
    i'm a vegetarian. and love it. well ok ...sometimes i slip and eat salmon.

    love your work. and blog.


  2. is a great vegetarian blog. The author has a couple fo cookbooks out as well. It's not entirely vegan, but lots of the recipes are, and if not, she often makes suggestions on how to vegan-ize things.
    My favourite is the "otsu" noodle dish! So delicious.