Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a little diddy...

We're having a design the SOFA (Students of Fine Arts) t shirt competition right now. We will be choosing four designs to print on t-shirts and sell around the city to fundraise. People submitting must be students or alumni of the U of M Fine Arts faculty and we (student council and whatever members of the public show up) will be choosing the winners this weekend. So if you are, were, or plan to be a U of M fine arts student whip one up and send it to me (a.gillian.king@gmail.com) - you could see your design being worn around Winnipeg (and beyond)!

The submissions that I know of so far include Danny...

Ally Giardino...

And I just churned one out... (it will be horizontal - not vertical)

(Our SOFA logo will be placed into the blank circles)

Competition should be stiff! Just kidding - these are the only submissions I know of... It's only our first shot at making t-shirts though so I'm sure once they are made there will be a lot more submissions for round two!


  1. Oh man, good luck choosing them! If those three are any indication, it's going to be a tough competition.

  2. I'm definitely buying one of each :)