Friday, June 4, 2010


Here's what I've been working on in ceramics lately - It started as oysters with female forms as the actual oyster and I was going to have a bird that eats oysters clambering over top but as I started on the bird I started having more fun and decided to put human legs on it. I had only got to the base shape of the bird (no wings or features) and I thought it was a pretty interesting 'creature' that looked like it was dancing. I started to make a second so it could be dancing with the original - perhaps surrounded by the aphrodisiac oysters as if it were some sort of mating ritual.

Anyways I've now made five creatures - we're glazing all our work next week so I'm excited to give them more character with colour. I'm thinking mostly a fleshy beige (i love beige) with hints of bright red and light blue. Although I always change my mind so in no way is that decided. Chris Pancoe, another awesome visiting Ceramic artist has been our 'sub' for Xanthe for the past week and said my creatures were very Bosch-like.

Hieronymus Bosch

All I could think of was the triptych and I remembered there were some weirdly shaped creatures and humans so I looked him up again and I think these images relate.

Anyways, here are a few random shots from this week!

Maria and Chris working hard

Lauren working on her textured cups - these are going be awesome - I want one for my morning coffee

And a sneaky shot of Chloe - the 'master wheeler'

I'm really going to miss ceramics when its over in a few weeks....

Anyways I'm off to move some stuff to the studio with Kara this afternoon - I'll be sure to take some photos! Oh! And Leanne Roeder has now joined our studio! Leanne graduated from the U of M 3(?) years ago from sculpture - she makes unbelievable animals in bronze... Check her out her blog here! And here is a drawing of hers to get you excited...


  1. i can't WAIT to see your finished products: )

  2. haha thanks - hopefully they dont explode - thats ceramics!