Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Since the only real classroom class I had this term was my thesis seminar I am now technically done class. But since it's the holidays I will have additional fun things on my to do list...

Paint - I'm currently pretty close to finishing my hanging lamb painting so I think I can be close to finishing in the next week and then I will be starting on a mammoth of a project. Lauren's dad s making a 9 x 12ft canvas for me that can be easily disassembled so I hope to be starting on that in the next few weeks. I will have to do some shopping at Canadian Tire for some REALLY big brushes!

Thesis Secret Santa - I mentioned in a previous post that we're doing a secret santa with a group of painting thesis people at school. We're all so excited to find presents in our studios from eachother for Christmas! The artists participating are...

Rachel Schappert

Lauren McPhaden

Megan Driedger

Ryan Trudeau


and myself.

Snow shoeing - I haven't done this since I was in grade school! I went to an all girl's school and we would always be so excited for gym class in the winter because our school was located on the river so we'd strap on these really old snow shoes (I'm talking the original, hardwood frame and rawhide lacing) and set out on the river.

This year, Darrin is dead set on snow shoeing so we're going to head to Fort Whyte with our friends to rent those new fancy snowshoes. Here are some photos I stole from Leslie on her day snow shoeing at Fort Whyte with my friends Britt and Pascale last year - sadly I wasn't able to attend but this year will be the year!

Toboganning - another winter activity! In my opinion the most fun! When I was little we would always go to the park by my parents house and shoot down the icy tobogan slide screaming. Looking at the slide now it's quite small so I think we'll have to do some research for bigger hills since we have grown too... And maybe have some warm adult bevvies in hand :) Below I've reviewed the most common forms of toboggan transportation:

The classic toboggan:

Definitely has that vintage appeal but lacks speed. The fun thing about these guys is when you were little you could pile four kids on to one. Now, as adults, two is a more likely number - and if you're all petite maaaaybe three.

The GT Racer:

My brother's favourite. I don't know if these are still popular but I remember seeing a lot of these around the slopes in the 90's. I think there's a better chance of flying off this thing since your seat is raised from the ground.

The Crazy Carpet:

My favourite! Depending on what length you get there is possibly for more than one rider and this is by far the fastest of the sleds. It is also lightweight so you're not dragging something cumbersome back up the hill. Just beware letting go and gusts of wind!

Try a hot toddy - My friend Jo from Scotland always talks about having hot toddies when she was sick but I've never been into whiskey so I've never tried one! Anyways I think this winter is the time to try one - here's he recipe if you're curious!

* 1 oz (2 tablespoons) bourbon (whiskey)
* 1 tablespoon mild honey
* 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
* 1/4 cup boiling-hot water
* Cinnamon stick for garnish (optional)

Handmade Christmas Presents - I've decided to be more economical this year with Christmas presents so I'm going to attempt to make them all! I can't divulge what I am making by I can tell you were the ideas are coming from!

Make Christmas Cards of the Cats - Frankie and Toulouse are very photogenic and the dollarstore is selling Santa outfits for pets... enough said.

(Frankie and Toulouse last Christmas - Toulouse was much smaller then...)

Organize a holiday brunch with friends - There have been a lot of dinner parties with friends lately but no brunches! I also love potlucks so I think a holiday brunch/potluck is in order - I will definitely be using this cookbook!

Vegan Chrsitmas Dinner - This will be Darrin's 2nd Christmas ever (his family doesn't celebrate Christmas and he was in South Africa over Christmas last year) so we're going to go all out and make our own vegan Christmas meal to eat with my family's traditional Christmas meal - we're still deciding on what dishes to make so stay tuned for our recipe selections!

Make Salty Caramel - I recently saw a recipe in VegNews for salty caramel! This is one of the presents I will divulge...

Watch Bored to Death -

See the Botero exhibit - my mom has always been into Fernando Botero's work and his work is coming to the Winnipeg Art Gallery this week - We're going to have a day date to check it out!

And to top this long post off I thought I'd share some new holiday music...

Courier News - download their new and FREE Christmas song 'Power of Red Lights' here

Chic Gamine

Check them out tomorrow night!

And of course a few reminders for events this weekend:


New Money/Nouveau Riche - the SOFA (Students of Fine Arts) Fundraiser this Saturday!

What are your holiday plans?


  1. i can't wait to partake in ALL of these things... and i wanna see that exhib at the wag too! it looks so so good.

  2. pascmeow! awesome! i will let you know when these winter activities are happening! (probably next week)