Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Four For the Day

My friend Arden Hill has started a blog called Four For the Day where through a submission process he has a weekly guest author who posts four things every day for a week. It can be any four things and those four things provide an insight into that person. I will be the guest author the week of January 31st - February 6th so I'll be blogging on both his blog and my blog that week! 

Arden in his series of Movember photos

One of Arden's Four for the Day posts: Four mini sculptures made from dried up mediums

And here's a little peek into one of Arden's latest artist books: The Architecture of Memory

This week's guest author is Brooklyn-based artist, Allison Sommers

And one of her first posts: Four useful dogs

 The Starving Time by Allison Sommers

 Got Me One by Allison Sommers

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I'm off to the studio to paint Turducken then to another hot yoga class with my bestie Kaja. We're going to a different yoga studio today - hoping to have a less pukey feeling.

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