Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Sabotage

Had a frantic day in the studio yesterday. I spent a fair amount of the day in transition covering 3/4 of the work I did on the Turducken painting last week in a bubblegum pink. I decided I didn't like where the Turducken painting was going and it would be best to cover it in pink (??) and create windows. In one of the windows I will be painting this new image I found on flickr. I'll be sure to take photos of the transition and post them so this description makes more sense.

I think it's a good thing to go on instincts and to not be afraid of sabotaging work in order to create something that feels right but it certainly makes for a creative rollercoaster of a day. It was funny because I started off the day with this scene of American Beauty in mind - so determined - not to sell a house but to be productive with the painting...

But by the end of the day I felt slightly crazy, out of body, confused, and frantic like Gael Garcia Bernal in this scene of The Science of Sleep.

To get today going I've decided to compile a list of random links that things have been influencing and interesting me lately - in no particular order and with no particular connections.

This animal rights tattoo featured on the blog Sometimes Sweet.

The FLESH show at Gallery Ingenue.

This video by Kitty Kittie advertising for the poetry slam Jan. 27 at the King's Head Pub.

This Dead Prez video.

Angie Johnson's new blog.

Human Cheese. Possible new art direction.

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