Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last night was Darrin's 25th birthday and we went to a new Mexican restaurant called La Bamba to celebrate. The 'guak' and refried beans were amazing but as for vegan meals I would probably go for the nachos over the enchiladas next time. And as expected, the lime margaritas and homemade chocolate vegan ice cream were amazing. I brought some candles and Darrin blew them out a few times over the photoshoot - hopefully that doesn't disqualify his wish!

In other news, I taught my first 'Abstract Landscapes in Acrylic' class last week! It was a lot of fun and I can't wait for the assignments, crits, visiting artists, and field trips to come. I even have a potluck planned for the last day of class because I think potlucks are great. I've confirmed my friends Lauren McPhaden and Megan Driedger to be visiting artists so the students can get varied opinions and advice on their work.

Megan Driedger will also be apart of next month's show, FLESH, at Gallery Ingenue. Check out the line up here.

And in studio news, this is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre painting I've started. This is just the beginning but I thought I'd post the progress.

And breaking news: If you have a serious amount of cash (currently $15,100+) and would like to know the identity of Banksy you can apparently purchase this from a person who is either lying, of very low character, or Banksy himself on ebay... Check it out here...

And another neat discovery...

Have a great weekend!

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