Monday, February 14, 2011

Six Confessions + Six Discoveries

In following with the chain of six confessions by bloggers Kyla Roma and Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest, here are my six confessions on Valentines Day...

1. I youtube the pottery scene from ghost a little too much.
2. Sometimes I don't shower after hot yoga and just keep going about my day.
3. I have full conversations with my cats a lot and I let them do whatever they want. This includes sharing meals with me (Toulouse likes vegetables?).
4. My dreams are very vivid. When I was little I would have reoccurring lucid dreams. They would often be nightmares and while still dreaming I would be able to recognize I was just dreaming and either start controlling the dream or clap my hands in the dream so I could wake up. Recently I've been having a hard time decifering whether something happened in a dream or real life. 

5. I will set my alarm clock for 2-3 hours before I have to get up in the morning and let the alarm ring every ten minutes for several hours before actually getting up. And sometimes there is more than one alarm set.
6. I have a really bad/selective memory and often forget conversations I've had with people/if I've met someone/if I've leant something to someone. People who know me well know this and thankfully love me anyways.

And now my own addition to six confessions... Six things I discovered last week. 

1. Sometimes I don't have full control over clay and it starts telling me what to do. (My sculpture tried to collapse but luckily was saved)
2. When agave syrup ferments it turns into tequila
3. This photograph by Diana Thorneycroft

5. Women who are not pregnant can lactate and in fact induce lactation.
6. This video by local artist, Chantel Mierau.

Hope you all have a great valentines day! Make your own 'six confessions/six discoveries' post and share it in the comments section!


  1. I share food with Virtute too..but any time Ken is around I have to stop, 'cause he gets really grossed out by it.

    I used to have really vivid dreams 'cause of the meds I was on. Same thing, I wouldn't be able to decipher dream and reality every now and then.
    I stopped taking the meds in June and kinda miss those dreams...

  2. we sound veeeery similar :) i have lucid dreams all the time. i think it induces bad memory cuz god i have horrible memory. yikes.
    xo Moorea