Friday, March 25, 2011


Well it's Friday and no I'm not going to play the Rebecca Black song... Instead I'm drinking my coffee, eating avocado on toast 

(Perfect avocado)
and listening to Jian Ghomeshi talking Canadian elections and Juno awards. Here is a new video I discovered by Caribou who is nominated for electronic album of the year.

And in painting land - here is the latest on my big girl/diana and the hunting dogs beside kill painting... Lots of editing going on. I'm happy to have so much mapped out because of the time constraint I'm on. It's funny - when the canvas was blank it seemed so huge but now that there's a scene on it it seems a lot smaller. More work to be done today.

And last night I wasn't able to go to the opening so this weekend I'm going to be sure to go to to Melanie Rocan's new show at La Maison Des Artistes and highly recommend you do too! Melanie is a lovely person and current painting instructor at the U of M. She graduated from the U of M with her undergrad in Fine Arts and went on to Concordia to do her MFA. 

For more of Melanie's work you can visit her website here.

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