Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With the past few weeks being a whirlwind of activity prepping for the Annual Fine Arts Open House held last Sunday, I woke up Monday morning not knowing what to do with myself. After making coffee and sitting down at my computer, reality struck, and I realized I in fact still have a lot to do - I still have my final thesis crit this Thursday, I've started teaching another adult's abstract painting class and a children's mixed media class last week, and I've got four more shows in the next two months including the FLUX IN FLUX show which starts this Saturday... 

With the amount of things to do it's hard to settle into the fact that I'm two days away from being finished my thesis year and once I'm finished my final art history and studio courses this summer I will be finished my undergrad... But life is great and being busy with things you love to do is the way to go!

So let's recap! Last Friday was the final installment of the TOMS Shoe design contest held by Segue and the Students of Fine Arts Association. We held a Style Your Sole Event in Conjunction with A Day Without Shoes. All the winning artists from the contest were sitting in University Center throughout the day painting shoes. Here's Julie Coss, also a current Gallery Ingenue artist, painting our friend Tammy's daughter's shoes. We did a little collaboration of umbrellas and rain :)

And then The Open House on Sunday! SOFA organized a pretty big event this year with five local bands; Girth, The Upsides, Fists In, Mise En Scene, and Cannon Bros. as well as a beer garden and art auction. Here's Kara Passey and Dany Pickeret's band Fists In...

and a video of the lovely ladies of Mise En Scene...

Fun fact: Jodi Dunlop, Stefanie Johnson, and Helga Jakobson of Mise en Scene are all Fine Arts students!

There was also a surprise performance from performance artist, Rachel Scahppert's, Anarchist Marching Band! Rachel is the self proclaimed hula-hoop enthusiast in red.

Now for some shots of the art!

My studio, shockingly clean with my paintings, sculptures, and breast milk fountain. Please ignore my awkward pose.

Standing beside my Goddess of the Hunt painting

My partner in crime, Lauren McPhaden's thesis space

Lauren's Extinction Series

Lauren McPhaden - One of my faves - to be shown in the 'Primitive' show this June at Gallery Ingenue!

Lauren McPhaden - a self-portrait based off a photo she found when she was young

Mixed Media Installation by Rachel Schappert

Rachel Schappert

Peeled Paint Paintings by Julie Coss

Made in Manitoba by Gen Levasseur

A House Within A House series by Ryan Trudeau

Ryan Trudeau

Jen Adams

Rebecca Blue

Unknown artist

Ladies of Mise en Scene by Unknown artist

Installation and Painting by Kara Passey

Bones painting by Megan Driedger

Jill McGillvray's Hunting series

Jill McGillvray

Paintings by Dee Barsy
Sadly the Open House is a one day event but if you'd like to see work by the 2011 Fine Arts thesis students you can visit the FLUX IN FLUX show I have listed above or head down to Gallery 111 in the Fitzgerald Building at the University of Manitoba and see selected works until April 20th.

I also had a chance to get together with, Ashley Gillanders, photographer extraordinaire to take some photos of my new work and here are the results!

The cooked chicken human aka 'Poultry'

My bronze, One of the Same, overseen by Mexican Sculptor, Octavio Gonzalez

In other exciting news, I start my job at Lune Vintage this week! I can't wait to work in the same room as the ladies creative of Freckled Nest and soak up the loveliness of the shop. If you haven't been there yet you HAVE to go! And if you're from out of town, no need to fret, there is an online store!

Kyla Roma of Freckled Nest also just finished an amazing new design for the Gallery Ingenue blog! Check it out here and be sure to add the new Gallery Ingenue widget to your blog!

Ok signing off for now - more to come this week!

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