Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sharing is Caring

So the FLUX IN FLUX U of M painting, drawing, and sculpture thesis opening on Saturday was a great success! Such a nice way to cap off the thesis year with friends. It was fantastically curated by current Gallery Ingenue artist, Gen Levasseur, so if you didn't get a chance to see it the show will be on until April 30th.

Here are some photos Gen took at the opening...

Left to right: Jen Adams, Rachel Schappert, myself, and Lauren McPhaden choosing remnant keepsakes of Gen's Manitoba made ceramics which she burnt at Open House

Left to Right: Chris Miller, Derek Brueckner, Jen Adams

Left to right: Rachel Schappert, Jill Peters, Steve Basham, and myself

Next on the show roster is my duo show at the Edge Gallery with Kara Passey, GORGE, with the Opening night May 6th. I'm really excited for this show as Kara and I's work have overlapping themes including food, sexuality, fertility, and feminism. And along with our art we will have a craft wall so you can own a piece of our work if you can't afford a large scale oil painting or sculpture.

Kara also has a new blog you can check out for her latest and greatest! She also reposted a great blog post today by Austin Kleon, which I had to share, called 'How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)'. I found the post so interesting because I've been telling my painting students to always reference other artists and to borrow ways that they paint because that's how the old masters learnt. I think this post is helpful for any artist. 

With my thesis year being over (this really hasn't sunk in yet) life is still jam packed. This week will be full of making new bolo neck ties (photos to come), experimenting with spray insulator to make sculptures and wearable art, a big painting thesis potluck tomorrow night, a ladies night with Leo (DiCaprio) movies, a bus trip to Brandon with my friend and upcoming May Gallery Ingenue artist, Megan Driedger, Diana Thorneycroft and a busload of other people to see Michael Boss's show. Darrin's also heading to New York where I'm hoping he goes to the George Condo show and takes sneaky photos from his iphone for me... I'm so jealous...

And if you haven't seen, Gallery Ingenue just got a makeover by the talented Kyla Roma of Freckled Nest! With the makeover also came a new widget so you can share the Gallery Ingenue blog and support Winnipeg artists on your blog! Copy and paste the link below to get your hands on the new widget.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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